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The POSE Experience

POSE gets people together. It makes shy people... well, a little less shy, extroverts become veritable hollywood actors, and everyone else loves to watch.  All totaled, POSE becomes the centerpiece of any event.  The bigger the booth, the bigger the crowd.  



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What We Do


The user has control of the camera and the display.  Our POSE button is a time-delayed shutter release and an essential part of this user-activated experience.  Real-time displays (1, 2, 3 or 58) enhance the scene for participants and bystanders alike.

Our "booths" (if you want to call them that) are versatile: they can be simple - a plain backdrop lit with a ringflash - or extremely complex -  a full-on hollywood set with all the bells, whistles, smoke, mirrors, etc. 

Once the button is pushed it sets off a chain of actions.  Guests see a countdown and real-time image display, while simultaneously our proprietary software automatically pushes branded images online.  User activation kiosks can be setup to display the images right away for people to share, email, and even print to their heart’s content.

Transformative Experiences

There's a host of other features and benefits, but we can get to that later.  The main point is this: your guests are going to love this thing, and with a combination of high quality imagery and integrated technology, your event, campaign, marketing initiative (whatever it may be) will be a hit.